What happens during the fraction of a second when a technologist presses the exposure button? What is the importance of knowing the steps involved in creating an image? Why can’t the technologist just place the patient under the collimator light and press the exposure button? Reimbursement trends in medicine strongly encourage radiology departments to adopt digital technologies. Provide a rationale for these trends in terms of costs, dose, image quality, and efficiencies. How would you employ exposure indicators to assess image quality and radiation dose management?

Carbohydrates have been wrongly accused of being the ‘fattening’ ingredient of foods, thereby misleading millions of weight-conscious people into eliminating nutritious carbohydrate-rich foods from their diets. In truth, people who wish to lose fat, maintain lean tissue, and stay healthy can do no better than to attend closely to portion sizes and calorie intakes and to design an eating plan around carbohydrate-rich fruit, legumes, vegetables, and whole grains.

Prompt: Select a single state (country) whose sovereignty was violated after 1945. (Note: You may want to review chapter 1 of the textbook on “The Cold War” and “The Age of Globalization”, pp. 24-37, for some ideas.) Briefly describe the historical incident, event, or period in which the state’s sovereignty was violated. Which actors had an interest in violating the state’s sovereignty? Which actors had an interest in preserving the state’s sovereignty? In this case, did we see a violation of the state’s internal sovereignty, their external sovereignty, or both? Explain.