For this assignment, think back to the?five?SMART goals?you?created?earlier?in the term.???Create PowerPoint slides?which evaluates one?SMART goal?created earlier


 For this assignment, think back to the five SMART goals you created earlier in the term.   Create PowerPoint slides which evaluates one SMART goal created earlier in the term.  10 slide no including titer and references

  1. What were you expecting from the experience before you started?   
  2. Why were you expecting this?   
  3. Why did you choose this goal?   
  4. Did you learn anything about a different group in society (i.e., different age, profession, ethnic, racial or socio-economic group)? What did you learn?   
  5. What is the most valuable experience you acquired?  
  6. What impact did the experience have on your everyday life?   
  7. What did you learn that was directly related to your course objectives?