The prices here are presented in USD per page/question/problem. One typical page is formatted in Arial font 12pt, double-spaced. On average, a page is approximately 275 words.

The final price for your order solemnly depends on: the type of assignment, deadline, academic level, number of pages, and not the amount of work required to perfect your essays!

In the order form, you can choose the type of spacing you want for your paper. It can either be single-spaced or double-spaced. The price per 1 single-spaced page

 equals the price of 2 double-spaced pages.

Days/hourshigh schoolcollegeuniversitymastersphd
14 daysUSD $15USD $16USD $17.00USD $20USD $23
10 daysUSD $19USD $20USD $24USD $27USD $30
7 daysUSD $21USD $22USD $26USD $29USD $32
5 daysUSD $22USD $23USD $27USD $30USD $33
4 daysUSD $23USD $24USD $28USD $31USD $34
3 daysUSD $24USD $25USD $29USD $32USD $35
36 hoursUSD $25USD $26USD $30USD $33USD $36
24 hoursUSD $25USD $26USD $30USD $33USD $36
12 hoursUSD $27USD $28USD $32USD $35USD $38
6 hoursUSD $31USD $32USD $36USD $39USD $42
3 hoursUSD $34USD $35USD $39USD $42USD $45
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