The Life of an Ordinary Person in Different Period (Book Review)



I need a topic describe due by 8am 4/5/17 and the Paper Due by 8am 4/17/17
Book review is for: Michael Meyer, In Manchuria: A Village Called Wasteland and the Transformation of Rural China (Bloomsbury Press, 2016). [ISBN-10: 1620402882; ISBN-13: 978-1620402887]
and all citation needs to be selected and only selected from: (please do not
use Google to collect random quotes from other books or articles)
Charles Desnoyers, Patterns of Modern Chinese History (Oxford University Press, 2016).
Topic describe need to answer these question simply.
Evaluate Meyer’s depiction of life in China’s Northeast (a.k.a. Manchuria) during the
early 21st century. Do you think the life of an ordinary person living there in the 2010s is
better or worse than the life of an ordinary person living there during the other historical
periods—Qing, Republican, Maoist, and immediate post-Mao (1980s/1990s)—that we
have covered in this course? Describe in detail the lives of at least three different Chinese
people introduced in Meyer’s book in order to make your point. What do you think the
future holds for the individuals you have selected? What you do think life in 2027 might
look like for them?
For the paper, I put teacher’s request below. But I am fine with that you lose some citations if there are any troubles to find right source to quote. And you are welcome to contect with me to discuss about the paper or recourses.
request :
You must include at least twelve citations from In Manchuria and at least four
citations from lecture, Patterns of Modern Chinese History, or the documents used in classroom discussion.
Use the Chicago Manual of Style “notes and bibliography” form of citation to site your
sources (see www(dot)chicagomanualofstyle(dot)org/tools_citationguide.html). You do not need
to include a bibliography, however; footnotes alone are sufficient.